Data storytelling with Cinecubes data movies


Can we answer user queries with data movies? Why should query results be treated simply as sets of tuples? Our CineCubes system demonstrates that it is possible to enrich query answering with a fully automated, short data movie that gives insights to the original results of an OLAP query.

The system answers the original query and also performs –in a fully automated way- extra computations like: (a) the answering of auxiliary queries which allow the user to contextualize and analyze the information content of the original query, (b) the extraction of meaningful, important patterns, or “highlights” from the query results, and, (c) the packaging of the results in a Powerpoint presentation which is (i) properly visualized; (ii) enriched with an automatically extracted text that comments on the results; and, (iii) enriched with audio.  Overall, the ultimate result is a comprehensive report, presented as a data movie to the user.

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